For your orientation

The light source you choose will determine the way your story is told: the traditional shadow play always shows the whole puppet on the screen. But with a contemporary light source you can take the puppet away from the screen and move it towards the light, the shadow on the screen gets bigger – but still remains sharp! You can show the details of the puppet – hand or mouth e.g. – and this opens up a new and enriched way of telling. Because it is the detail that is the real fascination. In addition, you can create three-dimensional images (tutorial #6). Our light sources are manufactured for exactly these purposes. They are made for an audience of max. one hundred people in a well darkened room.

For big spaces and bigger audiences very bright light sources are needed. They have a bigger light emitting surface and can only produce sharp and clear shadows when the puppet is far enough away from the source – for this purpose the Halogen 12 V would be a good choice.

Characteristics of the image

In order to make an exact comparison we have placed the silhouette at three different distances from the light source. Very close with 5 cm, 20 cm and 50 cm. The adjustment of the camera has not been changed. Click to enlarge the image.

Halogen 9 V
Halogen 12 V
Led 6 V
Led torch big
Led torch small

In general: the greater the distance between light and object, the clearer the shadows. At first sight, there is hardly a difference. The short distance of 5 cm however still with a sharp and clear shadow projection – to show the detail – can only be achieved with the Halogen 9 V. At the same time the difference of light and color become visible. This also needs a decision.