Light manufacturing

Nothing is as variable, as fast, as pervasive as light. It is changed by each and every encounter and yet it always remains the same.

This has consequences for its application in shadow theatre: in order to be of use, it has to be focussed and confined so it cannot escape anywhere. Only complete control turns the light into a valuable instrument.

Therefore, producing a useful shadow light is not an easy task. It starts with choosing the appropriate light source and includes all sorts of details, from precisely focussing the light and avoiding reflexion to manufacturing a dimmer and soldering the parts together.

Thus, the wish to promote and propagate the art of Shadow Theatre led to the idea of producing and selling suitable Shadow Theatre lights. A lot of research and experimentation finally led to the development of lighting systems in the halogen and LED realm which meet the highest requirements of this art. These lights have been tried and tested for several years and may be upgraded with various components if required in order to extend their possibilities for expression.