Light and shadow

(for children)

Bamberg’s thousand – year old history in 50 minutes: highly entertaining and excitingly told for children in the oldest room of the city, the small chapel near the the Cathedral.

This show has many connections to history, art, language and drama. It shows how regional history flows into the history of Germany. Children find it fascinating to watch contemporary Shadow Theatre performed in front of the screen. They enjoy the special lighting effects and professionalism of the acting in an intimate setting of only 80 spectators.

This performance brings history to life. It is historically accurate while at the same time age-appropriate and child-friendly in its use of language, music and imagery. History becomes comprehensible to children. Understanding its background stories enables them to view their city and surroundings with new eyes. A really unique event.

Duration: 50 minutes
Idea, design and performance: Norbert Götz
Director: Therese Thomaschke
Light technician: Leon Winkler
Sound engineer: Jürgen Hanelt
Photos: Sonja Krebs
Graphic design: André Hammon
Historical sources: City archive and State library of Bamberg