A journey into universe with light and music

The Universe – an endless expanse…

In his observatory the Stargazer suddenly receives signals from outer space. A cry for help! Lost in the depths of the Universe a spaceship tries to find its way back to earth. But where exactly is it? To calculate its position the incoming cosmic frequencies must be deciphered. The result is a series of luminous images which create cartography of the galaxy providing a first orientation.

However, the signals are fragile – contact is lost again and again. At last, as the spaceship succeeds in sending an image of the first constellation, its position becomes clearer. A glimmer of hope! An adventurous rescue mission brings the spaceship back home and we see passing constellations gleaming brightly before our eyes…

Using simple equipment – a few light sources, mirrors and pieces of ground glass, the Stargazer in this show projects his magical pictures of space onto the screen and create – in the truest sense of the word – a limitless new Universe.

The short piano pieces from “The Book of Stars” written by the contemporary composer Wilfried Hiller provide the atmospheric background to these constellations made of light.

Duration: ca. 45 minutes
Concept, design and moving the light: Norbert Götz
Director:Joachim Torbahn
Photographs: Marco Schott