What is light?
The more we learn about it, the more mysterious it gets. It is light that lets us see, and sometimes we can feel it, but we cannot grasp it and we cannot conserve it for times when there is no light. It throws shadows. It is lightning fast, but it is not everywhere. It can glow in many colours, and it can seem almost dark. What is this phenomenon that can present itself in so many ways?

Questions about light have been asked by mankind from primeval times. Many of them have not yet been answered, and many have not yet been asked. But whatever light is, it is a revelation and the last great mystery at the same time. It is the masterpiece of creation and has been present from the beginning.

For a light artist, parts of the visible light spectrum are his tools, as hammer and chisel are the tools of the sculptor. Therefore much space will be given to the phenomenon of light:

here you will find some information regarding the characteristics of light as well as the stories of four men whose genius and courage helped us gain more understanding of the phenomenon of light. They have mainly been compiled from the books listed in the Reference Section and I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.