Light sources

Halogen 9 Volt

– the best of all!

A good blacking out assumed

good for an audience of 100

Aluminium grip with diameter 1,5 cm, length 13 cm, on/off switch, aperture with max. 30 mm width, min. 1 mm, dimmable with turnable potentiometer, bulbs protected with removable metal cube, 5 m lithesome CPK cable, angle of radiation 90Ā°, transformer adjustable in 1,5 V steps

all functions operable with one hand only, allows extremely short distance to the object with still sharp shadow edges, details can be projected sharp and big, also usable for reflexions and refractions in the same sharpness, neutral light colour, max. screen size 2,5m x 2,5m

Halogen 12 Volt

– sold out! –

– the brightest! –

sharp with audiences more than 100

wooden grip length 13 cm, pushing dimmer, metal stand for safe stand or mounting on a tripod, cable with approx. 4,5 m, halogen bulb fitted in a 1 litre can, inside sand-treated to avoid reflection, optional with aperture max. width 75 mm

operable with only one hand, very bright light sources for big screens, the most spread light sources during the last 30 years, used by all the big theatre groups (Teatro Gioco Vita, Amoros et Augustin or Teatro Controluceā€¦)

Led 6 V

– sold out !-

elegant aluminium case 4×4 cm, length 13 cm, on/off switch, aperture with max. 30 mm width and totally closable, dimmable with pushing dimmer, 5 m flexible cpk cable, frontal radiation, adapter for mounting to a table tripod, aluminium frame to attach diverse extensions

all functions operable with only one hand, realizes relatively short distances to the object, also usable for reflections and refractions in the same sharpness, warm clolour, max. screen size 4m x 4 m

Led torch big (right)

– sold out ! –

On/off switch, aperture totally closable, runs with two CR 123A batteries,

very bright light with rich contrast, good sharpness, aperture totally closable

Led torch small (left)

– sold out !-

three modes: bright, less bright, flashing, runs with only one 1,5 V battery

good sharpness, aperture totally closable

Battery rod light-

The lightpoint!

The searcher for hidden shadows in bottles and other holes

Black plastic battery case, rod of copper, Led chip, 2 micro batteries 1,5 V

good handling, very good for small screens, can be put into smallest openings ( bottles et cet.)


Halogen 12 V XXXXX
Halogen 9 VXXXXXX
Battery rod lightX
Short distance to objectBrightnessCompatibilityKind of lightTemp.Colour
Halogen 12 VXbulbhotwarm
Halogen 9 VXXbulbwarmneutral
Led 6 VXXXdiodewarmwarm
Battery rod lightXdiodecoldcool