Basic workshop – 5 days

This seminar gives an overview of the basic principles of creating images with various light sources. The main topic will be how to create shadows, reflections, refractions and separate colors. These techniques will be used, in theory and practice, to tell stories with light and shadow .

Languages: English and German

“The language of light”

Moving light

  • Choice of light
    possibilities and limitations of different lights
  • Guidance of light
    second/third dimension, inner/outer space,rhythm of the movement, light as camera
  • Light systems
    dramatic possibilities of the moving light

The shadow

  • Shadow is space
    perspectives of the cut
  • Shadow objects and puppets
    material, design, mechanics, 3-d objects
  • Open screen
    material, size, fixing, use,
    passages from picture to picture
  • Shaping of a picture
    style, reduction, background
  • Tools and aids
    glas, mirrors, opaque/transparent structures

The refraction

  • Backgrounds
    curvature and grinding
  • Figures
    transparent layers with colours
  • Water
    moving refractions

The polarisation

  • Preconditions of the decomposition of light
    lightsource, statics, contrast, possibilities and limitations
  • Lightning means
    polarising materials
  • Dark and bright space
    making of a picture

The reflexion

  • Mirrors and other materials
    flexibility and rigidity
  • Designing pictures
    getting closer to the shape
  • Rhythm and figure
    single images and choreography

Helena Nilsson, Stockholm, Sweden:

I am very, very pleased with my workshop week in Bamberg led by Norbert Götz. I was guided, on a highly professional manner, into a whole new world of light, shadows and great opportunities. I got the chance to meet a wide variety of new materials and techniques and Norbert encouraged creativity and ideas from the group. The great skill and vast experience Norbert has accumulated over years of work was clearly apparent and contributed to great confidence in him. I returned home after this week filled with new experience, great tools, and a strong desire to go on and learn even more.