Night shadows

An Open Air Project
Monday, 8th – Friday, 12th August

Light as energy is always there. We cannot “use it up”. And we use it wastefully. It brightens our nights until they lose their magic. So much light!
And because there is so much of it we are no longer able to see its beauty. If we look at light from “the other side”, something strange happens: The darker the surroundings, the more magical light becomes. Nowhere else do lights shine as they do in a room that is totally dark.

And in this darkened room there are four possibilities for playing with light: shadows, reflections, refractions and the decomposition of light into its colours.
It is the energy of light that gives the background, the brightnesss. But each change of its straight forward movement creates an image and movement on the screen: If something is in its path: a shadow appears. If it leaves the air to dive into water: refraction happens…
It is always about how light moves. Everything is based on the unalterable law that light spreads in a straight line.

In this workshop we will explore these “geometric spaces of light” and deal consciously with it. At the end we will summon up our images and create a small programm to perform it in a small open music temple in a romantic parc at night.