Polarisation Set

to disperse light into its colours

(see: workshops / tutorial nr. 12)

two pieces for easy and immediate mounting to all current Overhead projectors, protected fresnell lens through acrylic glass, polarisation filter underneath, no heating of the working surface, upper piece easy to turn for bright/dark field and color change

Surface piece 5mm highly transparent acrylic glass 35 cm x 32,5 cm, small squared timber on each side for warmth deduction, linear polarisation foil 0,3 mm, polarisation square 27 cm x 27 cm, density of darkness >99% Please notice: because of its different light guidance this set is not compatible with flat overhead projectors!


apertures with a hole in the middle or totally closable, heat resistant, compatible with Halogen and Led

Polystyrol mirror

pieces of 50 cm x 50 cm, 1mm thick, easy to cut and mould, therefore good control of manipulation, extremely closed surface, little light loss and high reflection brightness


Organic material for polarisation (tutorial #12) size 15 x 15 cm, fissile into three layers

Water glass set 5 colours

Waterglass in red, green, blue, yellow and white to create amazing backgrounds, suitable specially for halogen 9 V, size 5 cm x 5 cm

Mirror man

Laser cut polystyrol piece in shape of a human, silver, 1mm thick, for reflection with fun

Phosphorescent Screen

Dimension approx. 150 x 100 cm, flashes up UV light
and it disappears again within 15 minutes

UV Torch

radiates ultra violett light
to draw and write on a phosphorescent surfaces