Welcome to the website “Theatre of shadows”!

For the past few decades what is probably the oldest art in the world has undergone extraordinary and startling changes in its possibilities for representation and expression.

The old “Shadowplay” has transformed itself into “Shadow Theatre“, a totally unique form of theatrical expression, which uses not only the two-dimensional screen but the entire stage area. All traditional givens have dissolved: the light itself moves, players act in front of the screen and the Shadow now has a three-dimensional quality. Reflection, refraction and the disintegration of light into colours extend this unseen world of images – and again and again new doors keep opening.

For about three decades, Theatre of Shadows has been involved in this development. Its field of work can be divided into the following:

  • Live performances using a variety of contemporary Shadow Theatre techniques
  • Education and Training in workshops and courses where knowledge is unreservedly passed on
  • Exploration and development of lighting to extend dramatic possibilities
    for Shadow theatre
  • Building and selling of lights developed especially for the purpose of creating shadows

And now: delve into and be enchanted by that which accompanies us daily at almost every step: that which we hardly notice; that which is, in truth, a thing of great beauty: the seemingly familiar yet mysterious phenomenon of the Shadow.