Dates 2018:

Basic : 26th March – 30st March

Basic : 30th July – 3rd August
Advance: 6th Aug. – 8th August
Days of Dramaturgy: 9th./10th. August

Masterclass 30th July – 10th August

Lightpaint/Polarisation: 13th Aug. – 15th August

Light behaves like a child – it will play with everything we present to it. It creates shadows, it is reflected by mirrors and refracted by glass, and, under certain conditions, it separates into various colors. And all the resulting phenomena may be captured on a screen.
This is a magical game, for nothing is more versatile than light, and it opens up the doors to our creativity. And the more we know about the phenomenon of light, the more magnificent our creations will become.

Light and shadow create images which we can use to tell stories. Thus, the Workshops will also address contemporary shadow theatre. The simple yet astonishing realization that shadow is a space will lead to the creation of three-dimensional images. Our shadow play may be enriched with film-like sequences and the complete production can even take place in front of the screen – with the player and his actions as an additional dimension.

All the Workshops deal with the fundamental relationship between light and images in theory and practice. We will explore the use of illuminants as dynamic and flexible tools, with an emphasis on simple and robust light sources which can create impressive effects.

Whether we just focus on the images created by the movement of our light sources on a screen, or whether we take pictures of them, use them to tell stories or even play shadow theatre – it’s always the delightful vibrancy of light and shadow in the “here and now” that is the essence of it all.

Participants need no prior qualifications or experience – only a bit of curiosity and enthusiasm for playing. At the end of each workshop it is possible to purchase specially designed light sources and other accessories.

Venue: Bamberg, Germany
Languages: English and German

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