Dates 2019:

Basic : 29th July – 2nd August
Advance: 5th Aug. – 7th August
Days of Dramaturgy: 8th./9th. August

7 Expeditions with light: 12th Aug. – 16th August

Masterclass 29th July – 16th August


Our workshops are designed for performing shows with an audience of up to 100 people. For many years, in cooperation with specialists, we have built the very best shadow light sources. And work with it: a glowing dot, that – sharp as a  razor blade – cuts out the shadow images of our choice from the figure and creates seemingly three dimensional pictures and projections of highest brilliance.

Light behaves like a child – it will play with everything we put in front of it. But still, the projected image depends on the lightsource we use. All the workshops articulate this fundamental relationship between light and images in both theory and practice. They explore the use of illuminants as dynamic and flexible tools, with an emphasis on simple and robust light sources which can create impressive effects.

Participants need no prior qualifications or experience – only a bit of curiosity and enthusiasm for performing. At the end of each workshop it is possible to purchase specially designed light sources and other accessories.

Venue: Bamberg, Germany
Languages: English and German

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