Shadowplay is the 
play with shadows.
Shadow theatre is the
play with light.

The image repertoire of contemporary shadow theatre contains much more than the play with silhouettes on the screen – as we know it from asian tradition. A few new lightsources allow the variety of images: not only shadows, but also reflexions, refractions and the decomposition of light into its colours give a never ending creative potential – to tell the stories we want to tell.
We must understand that light (as well as the shadow) is a material that can be formed, like the sculpturer does it with the stone and the painter with colour.

Dates 2021:

Regarding the momentary situation we decided to change the concept of our workshops. This year we offer therefore one or two day intense course for always only one person/one household.

1 day / 7 hours
Light and shadow
–   Filled with all that is important in contemporary shadow theatre
1 day
Reflexion and refraction
1 day
Polarisation – the decomposition of light into its colours
1 day
We work on your story and your ideas

Dates can be booked individually. Just write an email to

–        best equipped workshop and big studio (rehearsal room)
–        about 20 shows with shadows
–        almost 40 years of experience with light

1 day    250.- € per. P. 
2 days   450.- € per. P. 

Of course we work according the actual pandemic law, 
valid in Bavaria, Germany. 

Light behaves like a child – it will play with everything we put in front of it. But the projected image depends on the lightsource we use. All the workshops articulate the fundamental relationship between light and images in both theory and practice. They explore the use of illuminants as dynamic and flexible tools, with an emphasis on simple and robust light sources which can create impressive effects. Our workshops are designed for performing shows with an audience of up to 100 people.

Participants need no prior qualifications or experience – only a bit of curiosity and enthusiasm for performing. At the end of each workshop it is possible to purchase specially designed light sources and other precious accessories like mirrors et cet..

Venue: The world heritage city of Bamberg, Germany
Languages: English, French and German

For more detailed information please send your request to: