7 expeditions with light – 5 days

A journey into unexplored fields of
contempory shadow theatre
August 12 – August 16, 2019

Languages: German and English

Light is the Great Sorcerer. For many years we were not able to unravel all of its abilities. Even in contemporary Shadow Theatre there are still areas that remain unexplored. But the capabilities of our light sources have been limited.

Now there is a new generation of light sources: lifelong experience in Shadow Theatre combined with the mastery of two specialists in electronics have given us light sources which have enriched the dramaturgical possibilities on several levels. This workshop is a journey into the undiscovered territories of Shadow Art.

W i t h o u t traditional teaching it is an expedition with the safe knowledge that we will face a few miracles.


Requirements of the light

  • Shadows, reflexions, refractions, polarisation,
  • good handling, failure free connections, brightness, sharpness of the projection, focussing with aperture, adding systems for colour and structure, frames et cet.

Each lightsource is unique

  • Find the quality
  • The how and why
  • Examples

Light systems

  • Halogen open
  • Halogen closed
  • Led
  • Torches

The magnetic system

  • Metal lining discs, magnets and their handling
  • Additives: apertures, “white shadows”, colours, structures, copies, cut outs, reflecting materials et cet.

Dramaturgical means

  • Doubling of systems
  • Symmetry/cross fades
  • Bright/dark/great/small/sharp/blurred
  • Distortion and angle
  • Refraction and mirroring


Manipulation of the light
What does the light need to appear the way I want it to appear?

Work with lenses
How does light transport information?

Mirror and mirroring
Does the mirrored image look like mine?

Minimalistic play
A light and a screen is enough to tell?

Fairy tales: archetype of our imagination
How do I bring vague pictures into life

Elements: earth, fire, water, air
Can I ignite a fire with light?

Painting with light
How can light remain when I turn off the torch?

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