Mattis gift

(with kind permission from Claudio Munoz, who conceived and illustrated this enchanting story under the title “Little Captain”)

Matti loves ships.

One day at a flea market he discovers an old sailing boat, a toy probably discarded by a child. He buys it out of his meagre pocket money. Grandma has a few old dishcloths which become a set of sails. Grandpa adds a wooden mast. And when he carves a little captain for the boat, a gift on Christmas Eve, Matti is overjoyed.

Down at the river, Matti sets the little figure into the boat and lowers it into the water. A seagull suddenly flies overhead, it seems to speak to the little wooden captain and suddenly the story takes an unexpected turn…

It is a tale about appreciation and kindness, about letting go and sadness, about helpfulness and – in it’s magical moments- about the wonder and mystery of life itself.

The story is told using figures and objects found in a child`s room. It is performed in front of the screen combining narration, imagery and shadows. Using only the soft light of a bedside lamp together with the gentle art of Storytelling, atmospheric images are created, leading the young spectators into the magic of their own creative fantasy.

There are: a sprightly boy, Christmas Eve, a present that vanishes, a broken radio, a mysterious seagull, a rescuing helicopter, a restless sea and a dog.

Length: Approx. 40 min.
Age : Children from three and a half.
Performer : Norbert Götz
Set design: Joachim Torbahn and Norbert Götz
Director: Joachim Torbahn