One evening, it was cold …

… Ituko, the Innuit, sits in his igloo in the middle of the arctic snow. For a moment it seems to him that he has heard a sound. A sudden whooshing sound! But there is no one there but himself! Out in the snow he finds a small luminous something, melted into the snow as if it had fallen from a great height with great impact. With his strong hands he gently picks it up, not guessing that it will change his whole life …

This is a story without shadows, because light itself plays the leading part: it shines out of the little sun, twinkles in the puppets, brightens the player and warms the heart. A quiet narration with poetic images about what happens if/when light comes into our life.

Age: four and older
Duration: 45 minutes
Light technician: Leon Winkler
Graphic design: Andrè Hammon
Director: Therese Thomaschke
Idea and performance: Norbert Götz