The secret of the angels

If angels exist – could it be that these „appearances of light” need to be born in order to go through life, feeling and perceiving as humans do?

The story plays with exactly this idea: a small angel is born into our world of light and shadow, experiences it and discovers what it means to be a human being.

The form of the show connects flat, slightly abstract figures with an „open“ method of performing: the narrator sits in front of the screen, visible to the children, making it possible for them not only to follow the story but also to see how the performance is created. The visual attraction lies in the presentation of the angel as a reflection of light and the world of humans as shadows.

Age: four years and older
Duration: 45 minutes
Idea, concept and performance: Norbert Götz
Director: Therese Thomaschke
Shadow puppet design: Wiebke Steinmetz
Light technician: Leon Winkler
Photos: Sonja Krebs